Senior Teachers and Teachers Jobs September 2015 – M-Pesa Foundation Academy


M-Pesa Foundation Academy

Recruitment of top talent for a world-class education institution
Our client, the M-PESA Foundation Academy is a state of the art, mixed boarding high school that will provide world-class Kenyan education.

The Academy will admit its first cohort of Form One students in 2016. It is in this view that the M-PESA Foundation Academy is seeking to recruit dynamic individuals with exceptional skills in the following capacities:

Senior Teachers

Ref: STE/09/2015

Under the supervision of the Director of Teaching and Learning, the Senior Teachers will be responsible for planning, preparing and delivering the curriculum and monitoring student progress to determine enhanced learning experiences.

Key Responsibilities

  • Participate in the design of a curriculum that is enriched (developing higher-order thinking and entrepreneurial skills) and personalized (reflecting learning levels and interest of individual students); and demonstrate mastery in differentiating learning experiences;
  • Create conducive classroom environments to enhance collaborative and individual learning;
  • Deliver and implement the unique curriculum, and ensure that standards for learners success is achieved;
  • Encourage high expectations of behavior and engagement that are ambitious and nurture leadership and entrepreneurial skills;
  • Model a culture of respect, enthusiasm and rapport among learners and fellow staff; and
  • Spark curiosity in learners and support learning by exploring.

Person Specifications

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Education or equivalent, a Master degree in Education is an added advantage;
  • At least 8 years of prior teaching experience with demonstrated high-progress student outcomes in relevant subjects and evaluations;
  • Technology proficiency and knowledge of digital learning;
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Flexible and agile problem solvers;
  • Comfortable with a Socratic style, where raising questions is more important than giving answers;
  • Energized by different cultures, languages, and learning styles
  • Committed to their own personal journey and growth; and
  • Experience with co-curricular youth entrepreneurship and/or leadership programs.


Ref: TE/09/2015

Teachers support, observe and record the progress of their class. They also plan lessons in line with national 8-4-4 curriculum, with the aim of ensuring a healthy culture of learning.

Key Responsibilities

  • Prepare and deliver lessons to a range of classes of different ages and abilities;
  • Select and use a range of emerging technologies to promote understanding of concepts, topics and learning experiences;
  • Manage student behavior in the classroom and on school premises;
  • Undertake counselling duties and supporting pupils on an individual basis through academic or personal difficulties;
  • Communicate with parents and care givers over students’ progress and participate in departmental meetings, parents’ meetings and The Academy training events; and
  • Participate and organize extracurricular activities, such as outings, social activities and sporting events;

Person Specifications

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Education or equivalent;
  • At least 5 years teaching experience in a comparable institution;
  • Ability to foster a supportive environment for learners and educators to realize their full potential and willingness to work collaboratively;
  • Ability to maintain professionalism in all areas;
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; and
  • Demonstrably planning and organizational skills and ability.

How to Apply

The ideal candidates must embody Excellence, Responsible Citizenship, Curiosity, Accountability, Leadership and Innovation – the values that will drive life across all elements of The Academy for educators, learners, and staff. If you have the relevant qualifications and experience, please email a cover letter and your CV quoting the reference number of the job you are applying for in your email to [email protected] on or before 2nd October 2015 addressed to: The Director
Executive Selection Division
Deloitte Consulting Limited
Email : [email protected]
Nairobi, Kenya.

About us: The vision of the Academy is to develop transformational leaders through innovative approaches to education. The core curriculum of the Academy is the 8-4-4 curriculum. The academic concepts shall be covered in exciting and innovative ways.

Great focus will be given to entrepreneurship and leadership, giving the students time to learn outside the classroom, explore the arts and take part in sports.

The Academy will serve talented but economically disadvantaged students with demonstrated leadership potential.

The Academy will cultivate the students’ abilities to innovate irrespective of their academic strengths or weaknesses.

As such, students will work with teachers and one another to design projects that can solve real world challenges. Students who graduate from the Academy will be leaders in their fields of interest such as business, academia, politics, sports and the arts.

They will be the entrepreneurs and community leaders who will drive Kenya forward