SomCable RF Engineer (Hargeisa) Job in Kenya-September 2015


SomCable RF Engineer (Hargeisa)

The RF planning Engineer is responsible for the analysis, design, implementation, optimization and enhancement of Somcable wireless Access Networks (4G LTE and WIFI).

  • Performs link budgets analysis, system dimensioning for coverage and capacity including traffic analysis, initial system design and dimensioning, coverage planning, site identification, evaluation and zoning support, frequency planning , interference analysis and optimization.
  • Perform site candidate evaluation and selection and Verifies RF related site engineering drawings
  • Provides technical support, Training, oversee and guide the work associate of Somcable Departments
  • Reviewed existing Somcable 4G Design work practices / procedures & identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Carry out optimization techniques (proper antenna selection for optimal horizontal/vertical performance, mechanical/electrical tilting, appropriate transmit power setting, antenna clearance, neighbor list analysis, etc.) for optimal site/cluster performance.
  • Assume the RF lead role, manage and co-ordinate activities of the RF team as required.
  • Provides answers to technical RF questions as well as day to day operational questions.
  • Obtain Geo-marketing plan from the marketing department and plan the network accordingly
  • Provide comprehensive 4G network planning and design to connect small or large enterprise customer sites to the Somcable Customer Access Networks.
  • Establishes networking environment by designing system configuration; directing Network installation; defining, documenting, and enforcing system standards.
  • Provided high level network solutions and advice to Somcable Sales & Marketing enquiries.
  • Analyses long term and immediate customer network needs, making product recommendations and developing solutions to effectively meet those needs.
  • Responsible for planning, analyzing, installing, configuring, maintaining and repairing of 4G Access network infrastructure.
  • Performs general preventive maintenance/operational guidelines and housekeeping for Network Deployments team. Including, Provides network documentation,
  • Having worked with Mentum Planet prediction tool, Spectrum analyser and Nemo Handy tool.
  • Job Description & Responsibilities
  • Performs administrative tasks including, but not limited to, documenting test results and as builds, completing safety reports, keeping safety meeting minutes, maintaining log books, providing summary reports, etc.
  • Monitor LTE Network utilizations and submit reports pertaining site upgrades/expansion requirements.
  • Performs other duties that may be assigned from time to time.
  • Anticipate and advice on Access Networks products and assists in product selection and testing.
  • Interface with Operations, Deployment and NOC and provide all relevant as built documentation in accordance to Somcable Standards in a timely and professional manner.
  • Maintain & updates Somcable 4G RF Maps and diagrams.

Main Responsibilities

  • Plan, design, cost and develop implementation plans for complex changes and enhancements to Somcable wireless and 4G Access Network.
  • Developing and delivering customized technical solutions to meet the needs of small or large enterprise customers.
  • Help to define processes and procedures for RF engineering tasks.
  • Performs general preventive maintenance/operational routines and housekeeping for all Wireless Access Networks.
  • Reviewed existing Somcable 4G Design work practices / procedures & identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Establish and supervise a quality assurance process, including network integration and system testing.
  • Establish and supervise Manual creation process.
  • Support the marketing process by providing implementation of technology strategy requirements for marketing.
  • Provide assistance in the coordination with Network groups for the resolution of Network faults.
  • Maintain 4G Network inventory, spare-parts and as build records.
  • Estimates small project, labor, material, construction, and equipment costs.
  • Inspects the completed 4G Network builds & installations for conformance with the specification and standard layout in the engineering orders.
  • Observes operation installation’s for conformance with operational standards.
  • Analyze traffic trends, estimate capacity and network dimensions.
  • Update plans, studies, and reports upon the request for upgrades, expansions, and changes in the network performance and coverage

How to Apply

Respond via [email protected]