Strategy and Research Analyst/Manager Job


Strategy and Research Analyst/Manager Job

East Africa capital city, with preference for Nairobi, Kenya. However, strong candidates could be based in Kigali, Kampala, etc. after an initial 3-6 month period in Nairobi.


Full-time, open-ended contract with a minimum of 2 years commitment.

Job Description

We are looking for driven, strategic problem-solvers dedicated to social impact to join our Internal Consulting Team, which is responsible for supporting One Acre Fund at key junctures where extra analytical, research, or capacity support can have a big impact on the organization and its clients. As a global team, we deliver quality work on a wide range of projects, from assessing repayment patterns in Malawi, to charting expansion plans in Kenya, to supporting One Acre Fund’s leadership team in developing One Acre Fund’s long-term priorities.

As part of the Internal Consulting Team, Strategy & Research Analysts and Managers support high-priority projects for the organization’s leadership. In addition, Managers are responsible for building relationships One Acre Fund’s leaders, guiding Analyst’s work to ensure projects our high standards, and investing in team culture and growth.

A sample of recent Internal Consulting Team work includes:

  1. Supporting the design and roll-out of global people support initiatives – Managers worked with our People Operations Team to develop One Acre Fund’s approach to staff development and training. By working across teams to ensure goals were met and staff supported, the Managers helped set guidelines for staff development across our entire operation.
  2. Serving as strategy partner on cross-country leadership teams – Managers serve as support and advisors for key leadership teams across One Acre Fund, including the Country Directors, Budget, and Impact Working Groups and our Nutrition project portfolio. In each team, the Manager helped guide and structure strategic decisions that determine how we direct our resources across all our countries of operation.
  3. Preparing memos and presentations for One Acre Fund’s senior leadership – Frequently, our team is asked to provide supporting materials for One Acre’s leadership when they hold conversations with key stakeholders in the international development and social enterprise world. For one recent example, both Managers and Analysts worked together to support our Executive Director’s 2016 TED Talk, and we have helped develop policy papers on land use that were presented to the Government of Rwanda.
  4. Identifying opportunities to increase hybrid seed adoption – A Strategy & Research Analyst analyzed market data to identify countries with large addressable markets of farmers currently not using hybrid seed. Once the countries were identified, the analyst developed country-specific hypotheses for how One Acre Fund could increase adoption of hybrid seed and thereby increase the yields of thousands of farmers across the region.

We are hiring for two different levels:

Analysts take full ownership of projects, from planning through execution and follow-up. They manage anywhere from 2-5 projects at any given time, are typically responsible for at least one other team-specific initiative, and are expected to be able to tackle any type of project – from quantitative modeling to primary research – with a relentless focus on solving the problem at hand. Experienced Analysts are sometimes also asked to take on direct management responsibilities for one of our Strategy & Research Specialists and help grow them into exceptional Analysts.

Managers do the same type of critical work as Analysts, plus meaningfully invest in building capacity—both within our team and across the organization. Managers are often responsible for launching key initiatives across multiple countries, managing the roll out of high-priority programs in several departments, and maintaining close working relationships with some of our senior leaders.

Career Growth and Development

A core value at One Acre Fund is continual growth. Your supervisor will invest significant time in your career development. We provide constant, actionable feedback delivered through daily discussions as needed, weekly mentorship sessions, and quarterly management consulting-style career reviews. We also have regular one-on-one coffee chats where we discuss career goals and work collaboratively to craft career paths that each person can be passionate about. Because of One Acre Fund’s rapid growth, we often have new high-level roles opening up and opportunities in many functions, resulting in fast career growth for our high-performing staff.


We are looking for extraordinary professionals who will help take One Acre Fund to the next levels of impact and scale. ** This is a competitive posting for a career–track role. Candidates who fit the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Strong work experiences: We are looking for candidates with a proven track record of solving complex, ambiguous problems in a structured way (e.g., management consultants, research managers, business analysts). Ideally 2-3 years of experience for analysts, 3-5 years of experience for managers.
    • Ultimately, we are looking for the ability to take a complex question, identify the most efficient route to a useful solution, and structure the work into manageable milestones
    • We also look for leadership experiences, in or outside of work, particularly in roles that demonstrate relationship management and driving results
    • Bonus for previous work experience directly serving executive-level leadership
  • Professional/technical skills:
    • Analysts are expected to have advanced proficiency in both Excel and PowerPoint. Experience with other professional programs (e.g. R, STATA, Access) is a plus
    • Managers should have demonstrated experience in project management, capacity building, and professional development of others
  • Outstanding responsiveness to feedback: we firmly believe that ability to act on both reinforcing and redirecting feedback is the fastest way to grow. As a team, we give and expect to receive open and frank feedback, both to our reports and to our managers. Candidates should exhibit an ability to take feedback as a chance to improve, and know how to give feedback in a constructive manner.
  • Humility: in everything One Acre Fund does, we put farmers first. We do this by approaching our work and individual growth with humility, efficiency, and compassion.
  • Language: English fluency required; proficiency in any languages spoken in East Africa is a bonus

Preferred Start Date



Starts modest, though enough to have a comfortable quality of life. This is a career-track role with fast raises for performance, paying a meaningful salary for long-term placement.


Health insurance, immunizations, flight, room and board.

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East African applicants strongly encouraged to apply.

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