Tuskys Supply Chain General Manager Job


Tuskys, the leading retailer in Kenya has adopted a new strategy, Tuskys 2.0 GOOD TO GREAT, running from 2016 – 2020.
With this strategy we seek to strengthen our market leadership and to position the company for optimization of efficiencies and delivery of superior returns to shareholders.
Part of this strategy is the attraction and retention of the best talent to drive this strategy. To this end, we have several vacancies within our leadership team and welcome all applications.
Job Title: General Manager – Supply Chain
Job Code: HR/30
Report To: Chief Operating Officer
Purpose: Developing a winning supply chain strategy based on just-in-time purchasing and distribution in line Tuskys 2.0 – GOOD TO GREAT strategy.
The job holder will be responsible for logistics planning and arrangements facilitating efficient procurement, transportation, storage and Distribution of supplies from the Main Distribution Centre and various suppliers to all company outlets.
Duties & Responsibilities
• Plan, organize and coordinate supply chain processes for the company such as purchasing, storage and logistics with the responsibility for ensuring the execution of all company rules, policies, procedures and programs in support of the goals and objectives established to avoid costly delays and lost sales opportunities.
• Review monthly sales forecasts for the business and lay down framework of logistics required to avail the right mix of merchandize to all outlets.
• Develop a system based dashboard for information sharing between the central warehouse, branches and operations department.
• Coordinate budgetary planning in relation to supply and logistics and negotiate improved pricing, product quality and delivery times.
• Oversee optimum monitoring of key supplier accounts to ensure sustainable credit levels, optimum stock holding and sound business relationship.
• Negotiate quantity discounts, rebates and offer on behalf of the business. Ensure proper management and handling of promotional items/products including crafting and implementation of policy for excess promotional stocks.
• Develop and maintain a comprehensive policy on reverse logistics. Ensure incorporation and implementation of Warranty Tracking System, for management of customer returns to suppliers via the company’s mainstream supply path.
• Ensure that products are priced in line with prevailing industry prices; negotiate margins in line with pre-determined category requirements for the business; draw agreements with suppliers on handling of excess stocks, short expiries and damages.
• Formulate isolated handling model for non-inventory items, consignment stocks, merchandize meant for production/fresh. Ensure proper accounting of all these classes of stocks, formulate logistics for the same.
• Maintain stock holding and distribution costs at minimum. Develop efficient and effective ways of utilizing available trucks, warehouse space and labour.
• Coordinate dissemination of services of assigned subcontractors and movements of materials/products to/from these subcontractors.
• Provide guidance on product delisting, discontinuation and regular supplier performance review.
• Anticipate through research possible supply shocks for crucial commodities and advise the business on timely basis. Develop back up distribution plans for peak seasons.
Professional Qualifications, Job experience & Skills requirement
• A University degree in procurement and Supplies Management
• At least five years’ experience in supplies management three of which must be in a senior management level.
• Must be well versed with dynamics of the retail industry. Must be a member of Kenya Institute of Supplies Management (ISM).
• A Master’s degree in Supplies/procurement will be an added advantage.
How to Apply
If you meet the above requirements send your CV to [email protected]
For ease of processing all candidates should quote the JOB CODE on Subject line of the email application.
Application deadline is Wednesday, 10th November 2015 at 5:00pm.
Late applications will not be considered.
All applicants must quote job ref on the subject line at the email.