UNEP Jobs 2017 Finance & Budget Officer


Finance & Budget Officer Jobs at United Nations

Finance & Budget Officer Job Responsibilities


  • Monitors and records extra-budgetary contributions to Science Division;
  • Identifies discrepancies concerning contributions to Science Division and resolves them;
  • Serves as financial focal point for all Science Division’s contributions.

Budget Preparation

  • Reviews and analyses data with respect to the finalization of cost estimates and budget proposals, in terms of staff and non-staff requirements for Science Division projects;
  • Provides support to managers with respect to the elaboration of resource requirements for budget submissions;
  • Provides substantive support to relevant inter-governmental and expert bodies in their budget review; assists in securing approval from the General Assembly;
  • Ensures legislative mandates are accurately translated into programme budgets.

Budget Administration

  • Issues requests for redeployment of funds when necessary, ensuring appropriate expenditures;
  • Monitors Science Division’s budget implementation and determines/recommends reallocation of funds when necessary;
  • Monitors Science Division’s expenditures to ensure that they remain within authorized levels;
  • Analyses Science Division’s expenditure data for trends and adherence to the Programme of Work;
  • Reviews legal instruments with partners to ensure their compliance with UN Financial Regulations and Rules, and UNEP’s Standard Procedures;
  • Approves all requisitions for goods and services to ensure correct objects of expenditure have been charged, ensuring availability of funds;
  • Certifies Science Division’s Environment Fund and extra –budgetary project expenditures;
  • Administers and monitors core and extra-budgetary resources, including review of agreements and cost plans, ensuring compliance with regulations and rules and established policies and procedures;
  • Prepares relevant documentation with respect to budget performance submissions;
  • Reviews and makes appropriate recommendations with respect to the finalization of budget performance reports analysing variances between approved budgets and actual expenditures;
  • Provides substantive support to inter-governmental and legislative bodies.


  • Keeps up-to-date on documents/reports/guidelines that have a bearing on matters related to programme, ensuring compliance with inter-governmental recommendations and decisions as well as with United Nations policies and procedures;
  • Monitors and supervises the work of subordinate staff as required.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

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