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The General Services Office (GSO) has an opening for the position of Storekeeper. The position will close on June 27, 2017.

Qualifications for the Storekeeper Job

All applicants are instructed to address each selection criterion detailed below with specific and
comprehensive information:

  • Completion of Secondary School is required.
  • At least two years of progressively responsible in warehouse property management experience in a
  • property supply program is required.
  • Level III (good) English ability and Level III (good) Kiswahili ability is required.

Other Criteria:

  • Must have good working knowledge of property management policies and procedures and property record keeping.
  • Must be skilled in handling and arranging furniture and equipment in the warehouse. Must be able to supervisor laborers in the store room and warehouse. Must be able to manage stock and organize replacement of property safely. Must be able to disburse property according to rules and safely keep property from being misplaced, damaged, or stolen.

Responsibilities for the Storekeeper Job

  • Serves as one of the four storekeepers in the Warehouse. Works under the direct supervision of the Assistant Warehouse Supervisor and general supervision of the Warehouse Supervisor.
  • Incumbent is responsible for receiving, storing and issuing expendable and non–expendable supplies in the storerooms and warehouse.
  • Operate and manage warehouse stores. Manages the warehouse supply storage and distribution service.
  • Ensure correct separation of stock where required, and identification of all stock regardless of location within the warehouse.
  • Assess organization, layout and access issues on an ongoing basis and review annually with the GSO.
  • Oversee all restocking of expendable and nonexpendable supplies, materials and equipments in warehouse and supply storage areas.
  • Maintains required records for receipt and issuance of goods from the warehouse, and ensures the supply clerks do the same.
  • Coordinates with the receiving and NEPA clerks to ensure compatibility of records being maintained.

(40% of time)

  • Supervises issuing of all supplies and non-expendable items from the warehouse, on the basis of approved requisitions.
  • Tracks stock levels and places replenishment requests with the procurement section when a re-stocking threshold is reached.
  • Assists the Warehouse Supervisor to conduct special inventories as needed. Also aids in spot-checks of ILMS Asset Management items and that movement of goods is being recorded via DS-584 and similar appropriate documentation.

(30% of time)

  • Conducts inventory of routine scheduled inventories of the warehouse, offices and residential properties.
  • Helps identify damaged or excessively worn items for sale, and for any necessary fines/etc. to be considered by the property survey board prior to departure of any personnel on PCS.
  • Assists Property Disposal Clerk by providing information used in preparing property disposal documents. Oversees and maintains with the assistance of the supply clerks, the inventory, condition and issue & retrieval of welcome kits for newly arriving or about depart personnel.
  • Oversee records storage at warehouse, esp. dates for destruction and responsible section information.
  • Performs other duties as required. Is accountable for the proper and reliable outcome of inventories and reports.

(20% of time)

  • Ensures protection of all warehoused goods by maintaining in original packaging, using adequate personnel and equipment for moving of goods within the warehouse and sees that all un-packaged furniture and appliances are protected with available covers, pads, etc.
  • Ensures safety of the goods and personnel in the warehouse and supply unit by provision of any needed protective gear, clothing and equipment, and use of proper safe procedures in handling of stored materials. (10% of time)


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