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Role overview

The overall placement objective is to contribute towards enhanced quality of life of deaf children, deaf youth and their families. The role will entail Supporting learning and development of learning centres; capacity building of parents support and deaf youth groups and; implementing individualized educational programs for children who are deaf or hard of hearing in Kwale, Nyandarua, Nandi and Bungoma County in Kenya.

Skills, qualifications and experience

1. Bachelor degree in social sciences or related field.

2. Knowledge of standardized language assessment instruments, their administration and interpretation. Knowledge of Hearing, Speech and Language Sciences is an added advantage.

3. Psychology of the deaf, their community and culture.

4. Ability to work with deaf children, analyse issues and problem solve, create plans of action, and reach resolution.

3. Knowledge of and ability to apply principles and techniques of individualized instruction.


1. Knowledge of the principles and techniques of behavioural management and current trends in educational methods for teaching language and auditory development

2. Ability to establish and maintain a program of instruction and learning for individuals with disabilities and analyse situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action.

3. Ability to assess to determine pupil abilities and progress; knowledge of non-verbal-communication techniques and systems.

Language Requirement

  • Basic Sign Language
  • English and willingness to learn Kiswahili.

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How to Apply

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