Wanda Agriculture Job Vacancy : Animal Health Assistant




In efforts to build capacity and prepare for the scale-up phase Wanda is recruiting for the following position:

Job Title: Animal Health Assistant

Reports To: Veterinary

Responsible for:
Running day to day operations on animal health management and extension services in the counties.

About Us: Across Africa smallholder families are struggling to make more productive use of their farmland. Most are currently unable to produce enough, either to feed their families an adequate nutritional diet, or to sell in the market and generate sufficient income to meet other needs.


Population growth exerts continuous pressure on arable land, resulting in family shamba sizes shrinking with each generation, and/or triggering local migration from densely populated high-potential agricultural zones into more marginal land in the semi-arid areas.


Whichever the scenario, they need the right technologies to grow more food more often, and to produce crops of higher nutritional and market value.


Of particular concern – one of the topmost priorities –is the issue of soil health. African farmland soils are badly depleted, due to continuous farming land not allowed to rejuvenate, which is worsened by nutrient mining without replenishing soil nutrients.


The smallholder‘s challenge is either to produce more food and more income from less and less land with rapidly deteriorating soils, or to turn drylands into productive farms.


So the right technologies must include those which can restore and improve soil health and fertility.


Currently the most widely known and available technologies are inorganic fertilizers, which are not matched to the particular needs of specific soils or agro-economic zones. The lack of knowledge and access to organic fertilizers hinders farmers‘ uptake of sustainable agricultural practices.

In 2011 Wanda Agriculture was established to address these challenges and deliver along the triple bottom line – profit, people and planet.


Having completed its technology research and licensing phase, proof of concept stage and first half of its pilot phase, the company has split into two strategic units – Wanda Organic to produce effective soil and plant health solutions and Wanda Mobile to distribute the solutions and service the end user.

Job Description


Key Tasks

  • Carrying out simple treatment and vaccination of animals.
  • Periodic training/awareness sessions to farmers on the products knowledge and usage.
  • Participating in sample collection and dispatch.
  • Reporting : Weekly /monthly reports regarding as per management request

Key Performance Measures

  • Monthly sales targets
  • Customer engagement
  • Teamwork (peer to peer assessment)

Knowledge, experience and qualifications required

  • Certificate or Diploma in animal health or Range Management from a recognized institution and with AHITI.
  • At least two years working experience in provision of on farm extension service, farmers training, animal production and vaccination etc. will be a definite advantage.
  • Be registered by the Kenya Veterinary Board
  • Have been retained all the CPD points  (14 Points per year)
  • Have a certificate in computer applications.

Personal skills and attributes required

  • Customer Oriented
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Problem Solving



How to Apply

Email your application to [email protected]